Health and Natural Sciences Consulting Projects

This section contains a non-exhaustive list of Statistics consulting projects I worked on which subject matter relates to the fields of natural and health science. A link to the final project outcome is provided when the client allows for it.

Influence of Weed Height on Oxin Herbicide Efficacy
October 2015 -- May 2017 · Botany and Plant Pathology R | SAS
  • Used a factorial design within a randomized control block design to model relationship between treatment and horseweed height.
  • Conducted a Dose Response statistical analysis ( ED50 ) to study efficacy of 3 herbicides for controlling horseweed plants.
  • Wrote function which estimates the confidence intervals for the difference in dose response (ED50) using boostrap method.

Effect of the Pharmacist-managed Cardiovascular Risk Reduction Services on Diabetic Retinopathy (DR) Outcome Measures
August 2018 -- April 2019 · Pharmacy R | SAS
  • Performed a retrospective case-control study data analysis of patients with diabetes seen/not seen by pharmacists to determine the potential role of pharmacists in DR progression.
  • Wrote code to automate data retreival, cleaning and preprocessing from REDcap database.
  • Conducted analysis comparing control and treatment group distribution.
  • Modelled the odds of rethinopathy worsening in control and treatment groups using a weigthed logistic regression controlling for demographic and health background variables.
  • Conducted power analysis to determine sample size for a follow-up prospective case-control study.

Examining the Effect of Structural Priming in Young, Senior and Aphasic Speakers
August 2018 -- December 2018 · Speech Language & Hearing Sciences R
  • Used a mixed effect logistic regression with maximal random effect to model structural priming effect on three groups of speakers.
  • Use contrasts to compare the effect of transitive, dataive and locative structural priming between different speaker groups.
  • Conducted sample size estimation for a follow-up repeated measure study design.

Validating New Electromyography (EMG) Sensors for Muscle Performance during Swallowing
November 2018 -- February 2019 · Speech Language and Hearing Sciences SAS
  • Compare the performance of newly developed Electromyography (EMG) sensors with conventional sensors.
  • Proposed a Latin square design to validate the use of the EMG sensor in remote monitoring of muscle performance during swallowing.
  • Conducted a non-inferioty and an equivalence statistical test on signal-to-noise ratio between the the EMG and conventional sensors.
Hilda Ibriga
Hilda Ibriga
Doctorante en Satistique et Machine Learning

Mes intérêts de recherche incluent l’analyse théorique des tenseurs et leur application à l’apprentissage automatique (Machine Learning). J’ai également travaillé sur des projets appliqués dans le domaine de l intelligence artificielle. Je beneficie également de 3 années d’expérience professionnelle en tant que consultant en statistique.