Social Sciences Consulting Projects

This section contains a non-exhaustive list of Statistics consulting projects I worked on which subject matter relates to the fields of social science. A link to the final project outcome is provided when the client allows for it.

Understanding the production of copula ser and estar in Spanish and Catalan
July 2019 -- August 2019 · Linguistics SAS
  • Used a generalized linear mixed effect model (GLMM) with logit link to model the odds of choosing the copula ser or estar in various context in Catalan..
  • Fitted a logistic regression with the bayesian Firth's Penalized likelihood method to model use of ser and estar as rare events in ceratin Spanish sentence context..
  • Permoded data preprocessing, code writting and helped client with reporting results.
Hilda Ibriga
Hilda Ibriga
Ph.D student in Satistics and Machine Learning

My research interests include the theoretical analysis of tensors and their application to machine learning. I have also worked on applied projects in reinforcement learning for some years and have 3 years of work experience as a statistics consultant.